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The Definitive BBQ Guide with @ThatWineFella

The sun’s out, the tops are down on the cars and the local ruffians have whipped their tops off… It’s the good old British summer! Not only is it coming home very soon, but the faint smell of a cremated sausage is wafting up our nostrils on every street corner and we absolutely love it!

If you fancy yourself as a bit grill chief and love to have folks over, I’m here to show you how to make it even better...with wine. Wine makes everything better, doesn’t it? Here's your

First up…. Your guests arrive...Pull out the pink.

Serie Folium, Langudeoc, France (£8.50)

Nothing says 'sunshine' quite like a chilled, crisp glass of dry but fruity rose from the south of France. That first sip sets the tone for the party doesn’t it and the intense strawberry and raspberry in this wine make it an absolute legend from the start… The only complaint you’ll get is when it runs out, so you better get prepared!

Next… The barbies lit…

Papaioannou Organic Assyrtiko, Greece (£12.25)

You’ve got them intrigued, they’re excited for more and you’ve set the precedent of someone that knows a good wine and a good party. We rock up with this bad boy. Organic because we care about our guests the morning after, but 14% ABV because we’re party people at the end of the day! Fresh, bright and screams sunny days, this is sure to be a wow wine. Just so you don't embarrass yourself, this grape type is pronounced A-SIR-TI-KO. Welcome to the world of being called a wine expert by your mates from now on.

Those first few bits of Halloumi are amazing here as well as those beautiful salads you’ve spent all day preparing. A little sea salt backed up with loads of fresh ripe orange notes will give this wine the ability to pair with whatever is needed…

Veg on, chicken browning, the first uncooked sausage has met its victim's lips...

Malassagne Picpoul de Pinet, France (£10.25) Chateau Hauterive “H” Cahors Malbec, France (£12)

We’re seriously cooking now and this French duo is the perfect way to serve the first round, aka the posh food! The chicken kebabs, the lamb chops, the portobello mushrooms (anyone else salivating?).

The Picpoul is bang on-trend and perfect for the non-red drinker but big food eater. It’s natural saline and great green apple and citrus intensity means it won’t get lost. It is also perfect for lathering the sweet chilli on those skewers, the sweetness and the fruit! Lordy. Also be brave here and try a bit of BBQ’d fish, as this is an absolute winner! Your neighbour will disagree when he gets a whiff but maybe that’s a bonus.

Let's chat about Chateau Hauterive’s “H”. It’s everybody’s one true love, Malbec.

Made in its spiritual French home but in a very modern style, this beautiful Cahors medium bodied beauty is a necessity at any gathering…great for those chops and portobello mushrooms. It does leave you with the question “who is H?”. Line of Duty. Sorry.

We’ve run out of the posh nosh… Get those frozen burgers out of the freezer Madge!!

Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel, USA (£13.50) Penley Estate Hyland Shiraz, Australia (£13.50)

It's now the end of the BBQ and we’re looking at the slightly charred sausages and the burgers are piling up! Our palates are shot lets be honest and we’ve been breathing in that bit of Halloumi that fell on the coals for the last 2 hours! We need power! Let's do it.

Just because the quality of our cooking might have gone downhill by now, it doesn’t mean the wine has to. In this case we’ve gone big with this huge new world double act. Big alcohol, huge flavour and the ability to taste insanely good even after eating a cremated banger.

Pedroncelli Zinfandel is huuuge. Blackberry, chocolate and black pepper spices smack you in the face and make you smile whilst sipping this one. It’ll pair amazingly with burgers and even better with that after dinner blue cheese.

From one of Australia’s best wine makers the Hyland Shiraz from Coonawarra is pure class and quality! Luscious forest fruits and warming star anise make this your sausage and, if your showing off, fillet steak partner. Imagine Blackcurrant compote on dark chocolate with a big chewy weight that is sure to impress…. Don’t be scared to crack out some nice dark chocolates with this one either.

The end…. Everyone agrees that you’re the BBQ winner (Disclaimer: Decent Drop can’t guarantee your status as winner, it can just guarantee the wines will be).

We sell all 6 of this amazing collection for just £65… turn your 2021 BBQ season into the best yet with That Wine Cellar @ Decent Drop

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