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Frequently Asked Questions

Wine Glass

Q: How do I order?   
A: You can order straight through our website by clicking here. Alternatively you can call, email or message us on social media! 


Q: Can I choose the wines?   

A: No can do. It's a set menu.

Q: I'm vegetarian. Are you OK with that? 

A: Course - but please let us know in advance, as some natural cheeses we use are not veggie-friendly!

Q: I live outside of Manchester but would like free delivery. Can you arrange that?

    A: Is this a wind up? Fraid not BUT...we can use a courier (for a small fee) and arrange a next day delivery for you. Unless you live in The Shetlands. That's gonna be a bit too far.

Q: Your menu seems to have reds and whites, but I only drink Rose...can you help me?   

A: We encourage people to open their minds and their mouths to all kinds of wines. After all, this is a tasting service, not a corner shop. So probs not TBH.

Q: I ordered from you and hated everything. Can I have my money back? 

A: Your tastebuds aren't working correctly.

Q: I can't make the Zoom call but want to book - is this a problem?   

A: NO PROBLEM - we actively encourage people to use our tasting notes as a guide and do the tasting themselves!

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