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What's All This Then?

As the Lockdown of 2020 drew over us like a dark, publess cloud, we decided to stop being miserable and get great wine and cheese out to the good folks of Great Britain.

It's dead simple. We curate a menu based on a fun theme and send to you.

6 wines, paired with 6 cheeses, delivered to your door. We even throw in crackers, chutney and full tasting notes for all the products inside your kit!

What's the catch? No catches here...just top quality wine and cheese.

Once you've received the good stuff, you can then join us on Zoom for our weekly interactive tasting...OR...if you and your friends/family have also ordered, why not use our tasting notes and perform your own wine & cheese evening?

Just want to buy some wine? Check out That Wine Cellar, our online wine merchant business. We're proud to offer a massive range of the best quality wines at affordable prices, because we know how intimidating the wine wall in the supermarket can be. All the wines from our tastings are always available to purchase - treat yourself!


Bet It's Expensive...

Wrong, actually.

If you're lucky enough to live around Manchester, you are entitled to our local delivery rate, with one of our drivers delivering to your door, usually on a Saturday.

Our kits are priced from £33 for one person and there is no limit to the number of people that you can book for - the more the merrier (literally!)

If you live elsewhere in the UK, we can ship by courier for next-day delivery, which costs an additional £10.79 per box.


Who Are We?

Decent Drop was formed by Carl Peters (previously of Translate Bar, Shoreditch and Apotheca, Manchester) who was advised by his wife to 'get off your ar$£ and do something useful', during the lockdown.  

He had the idea for Decent Drop, roped in local wine experts to assist and off he set, on a voyage of wine and cheese discovery.

Decent Drop are supported by an army of handsome delivery drivers, bag packers, life partners, parents and pets and will do this for as long as it's fun for you guys.


But Wine Isn't My Thing...

Fear not. We also offer Gin & Tonic tasting kits.

Due to popular demand, we have spread our wings and offered a gin tasting set for you beautiful people.

There's 5 gins, paired with 5 tonics and 5 garnishes. You also have the option to upgrade with a cheese & deli selection for you to enjoy as you sup.

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Corporate Events & Private Hire

If you are interested in Decent Drop kits for your company events, 'away days', corporate parties and client events, or you simply want to have a private tasting with your friends and family, then please get in touch and we'll bring the magic to your occasion.


Click below for more info, email us or give us a call.

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